About Us

Chamaan Engineering and Fabrication Company was established in 1994 with the vision to design and fabricate oil and gas and petrochemical process packages. This company is one of the leading Iranian companies in designing and manufacturing a variety of Furnaces and Fired Heaters for the Refining and Petrochemical industries. In recent years, Chamaan has achieved the ability to detail design more complex furnaces such as Furnaces for CCR, Olefin Cracking Furnaces, and Methanol Reformers, and has a successful record in this regard.

This company is licensed by the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade and has obtained certificates of ISO-9001-2015, ISO-14001-2015, ISO-TS-29001-2010, OHSA-18001-2007 in the quality management, environmental management, health and safety management systems for designing and manufacturing Furnaces and Process Packages equipment in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry.

By relying on the knowledge of our engineers, quality assurance, and manufacturing teams, and in addition to the benefits of having Namvaran Consulting and engineering company as Chamaan’s mother company, we were enabled to compete with international manufacturers and resolve the local industry’s needs in related fields. Owing to our outstanding performance over the years, along with gaining the client’s trust, Chamaan was successfully listed as one of the approved manufacturers in the Ministry of Petroleum and all its subsidiary companies.
Chamaan is a member of SATSA (Iranian industrial equipment manufacturers Association), ESTESNA (Iranian oil industries equipment manufacturers associations), and ECCA (Engineering & construction companies Association).
Our R&D department, in collaboration with other partners, has achieved its knowledge of design for more advanced and complex Furnaces and Process Packages; resulting in developing and delivering industrial-scaled packages and meeting the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry’s needs. Moreover, since 2015 Chamaan has been evaluated and listed as one of the Knowledge-based companies by Iranian Officials.

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