About Us

Chamaan engineering and facbrication company was established in 1994 with the aim of design and fabrication of oil and gas and petrochemical process equipments.
In this regard we have succeed in obtaining licenses from the ministry of industry relying on the knowledge and efforts of engineering quality and construction , with the support of namvaran consulting company.
Chamaan has been a satisfied in competition to its non iranian companies competitors for the proper performance over past years while gaining the trust of its clients.
Chamaan is a member of SATSA ( iranian industrial equipment manufacturers association ) and ,ESTESNA (iranian oil industries equipment manufacturers associations) and ECCA ( engineering & construction companies association).
In order to our R&D section during last years and our academic researches and also implementation of pilot projects we have been listed in iran’s knowledge based companies association.
At the end, chamaan aim’s to client’s satisfaction inside and outside of iran.

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